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Wigs Long Hair

Long hair wigs made by HAIR ON PIECES are custom made and handmade which makes the long hair wigs for women the most comfortable wigs long hair in the whole industry and these are worldwide known for their top quality and top design. HAIR ON PIECES’s worldwide celebrated long hair wigs are available in several styles like long hair wigs with bangs, etc. The extra long hair wigs made from the best locks quality are today recognized as the best long hair wigs for women. The hand-knotted assembly of one by one hair on the wig’s long hair makes it a remarkable product that is the favorite of top fashion models, top hair stylists, the Hollywood famous and image people. The state of the art HAIR ON PIECES’s wigs long hair technology provides women the fashionable look that they need without any effort.Long hair wigs for women by HAIR ON PIECES eradicates bulkiness at the hairline and allows the hair stylist to approach the product off the face as they do with their natural own hair without any visible result.


The long hair wig collection of HAIR ON PIECES rest smooth aligned with the curve of the cranial shape which makes HAIR ON PIECES’s long hair wigs different to most products available.Our long hair wigs collection is specially designed for patrons with short or thin hair which makes it hide easily with no trouble.They represent the best solutions for the women with thinning hair with fine hair or just as a fine beauty tool to add new length to their hair styles and choices as every other woman in earth will do. Wigs long hair collection are available at HAIR ON PIECES salons located in the heart of the fashionable Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, New York, NYC and in Long Island NY, close to the main venues of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the tri state are of New Jersey, NJ, Connecticut, CT, and Philadelphia, PA.



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