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Hair Prosthesis

At the Hair On Pieces, we proudly announce that we hold the chief expertise in the area of Hair prosthesis (also known as Hair Prosthetics). Hair on Pieces has a personal history attached to its medical hair prosthesis which assures its customers of its best services– the designer-owner’s (i.e. Valentin, the designer of the first medical hair prosthesis in the world) own mother lost her hair due to chemotherapy – and this is mainly the reason why Hair on Pieces empathizes and realizes the sensitivity of its clients conditions, which further helps Hair on Pieces to give the best of services with guarantee. Each person’s chemo wig is prepared by the specialized technicians with utmost care at the special Hair prosthesis centre called “Hair Boutique”. These chemotherapy wigs are the best available and only obtainable at the Hair On Pieces hair prosthesis center (Hair Boutique). Hair On Pieces offers completely dedicated services to the chemo wigs, and makes sure that they look completely natural and match with the customer’s personal texture.

For this, it is made sure that the chemo wigs are intricately handmade using premium quality hair; also a cranial shape impression is taken in a mold so that the fitting is perfect for the recipient. This is because the fitting is extremely important for the person who has just come out of stressful situations. Our special cancer wig is specialized to adapt to all the stages of the chemotherapy patients – that is ranging from when you have only some hair , until the hair is totally gone and proceeding further till the happy times are back again with the re growth of hair. The assembly of Hair prosthetics requires the usage of the one single method available for its French wigs and only this method must be used for the same. The word French wigs is used here because it makes use of a system called ‘French Knotting’ which specializes in holding the position of the hair firmly, and most importantly, aids in avoiding friction on the soar scalp.


This ensures that the wearer doesn’t feel any kind of a burden on the head, and can wear it with complete relief. Presently, Hair On Pieces is the only hair prosthesis specialist in the world which uses this almost extinct system. The other wig makers avoid the use of this exclusive system in their products because it is nota cup of tea for everyone’s business. It involves finding better ways of costing in this price-competition industry and majorly because of the impossibility of finding the rare technicians’ knowledge needed for this system. Also, the locations of the Hair on Pieces is such that whether you want hair prosthesis for women or men, or wigs for Cancer patients in NJ, wigs for cancer patients in PA, wigs for cancer patients NYC, wigs for cancer patients Long Island, wigs for cancer patients New York, and more, you just don’t need to worry, all you have to do is come to Hair On Pieces and let us handle from there on. (We are located at Manhattan, New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut, Queens, Staten Islands and more.)

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