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We all care about our skin, but why do we forget our hair? Shampoo is not the only solution, hair are to be given primary importance. And hair fall is just the beginning; it can lead to baldness sooner than you can think. And in case the sooner is here, wigs are the best option.The best kinds of Custom made wigs are the top wigs for women which use excellent material for top wigs. Further, the hair wigs which use only European tresses make the best human hair wigs; and top of that if these wigs are personalized for you, then nothing can beat these custom made wigs! There are many synthetic pieces claiming that they are made with fine filaments, but at Hair On Pieces, we request our patrons not to make a mistake by choosing these. Fake is fake, plastic is plastic nonetheless; and the fake can never beat the quality of the ‘real’ thing.


We at Hair On Pieces believe that Real hair are a rare and precious element, hard to find and preserve, especially in Europe, because, unlike the Asians and Indians who love to grow their mane, and also to sell it later; in contrast, the Europeans don’t, making it such a difficult task to find in Europe, and that is why we call it ‘hair hunting’This also means that the prices of the European tresses will be much higher, and even higher if the length requirement is more that 18 inches; usually people opt for Indian or Asian hair for their texture, and ethnicity, or in fact these hair wigs for black women, look great on their skin tone. Getting back to custom made wigs – these are more durable, and can be handled the way we handle our own hair, that is, we can change the color, texture, and do not turn into a mess when brought in direct contact with heat or humidity. But in case of synthetic wigs, it is the opposite. Also, these custom made wigs are also available in the form of elderly woman wigs; full skin top wigs etc and are highly maintainable.


In fact, because of the great quality, there has been a great demand for women wigs for men also! Custom Wigs for Jewish women wigs, Hasidic Jewish Women wigs, and more are all available at out strategically located hair wigs stores. Hair On Pieces is renowned for bagging the Grand Design Award for the first ever wigs for cancer patients. And this makes us the only one you can think of visiting for various kinds of hair wigs needs.We are easy to reach whether you want wigs NYC, wigs and plus NYC, wigs NJ or anywhere in Long Island, PA, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn and so on. Also, you don’t have to worry about any long distances commuting because; this trip will definitely be worth it, even more. This fact is also admitted by the Glamour Magazine as well!

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