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It is all Jessica Simpson’s responsibility. There is just no way the beautiful pop start would be where she is today if it were not for her hair extensions. Behind closed doors I am jealous of Simpson’s extensions and the tremendous attention they acquire, so when I got the opportunity to try Rodolfo Valentin’s famous trademarked Hair Infusion extensions technique I did not think twice. In 45 minutes, versus the eight hours that other hair extensions usually takes, he attached more than three dozen strips of real hair to my own hair. By the end I have a head of hair even Victoria Beckham would be pleased to toss around for a while. Unlike other hair extensions,mine are eco-friendly, meaning I can reuse them at the bargain price of $500. saving thousands of dollars. The master of masters hair designers Rodolfo Valentin enthusiastically told me that I will love them forever.. He was right. As soon as I left his salon, walking back down Madison, I was moving backward and forward my new supermodel tresses over my shoulders with pleasure and noticed many admiring glances. It makes me feel no more envy of Jessica Simpson.Vanessa Show Smith a famous beauty editor for the North American, South American and European press.

As seen in "Wellness" Magazine:

*Erica, a 30 year-old attorney from North Woodmere says her hair began to thin during puberty due to a hormonal imbalance." The indignity of losing your hair as a woman, much less a young woman, was crippling", she says. "I experimented with several cuts and colors to try to camouflage my scalp, but nothing worked well". "Eventually, she visited the Rodolfo Valentin Salon. Valentin holds the patent on a technique called Hair Infusion, a hair addition that unlike hair extensions, does not damage the client’s hair. Using human hair, individual strands are injected into a clear, paper-thin strip of adhesive and sandwiched between tiny layers of the client’s natural hair.

He adds a hair prosthesis for scalp coverage, which is custom made and molded to the shape of the head. This technique is used for women facing hair loss due to chemotherapy. "Ideally, a woman will come to me before she undergoes chemotherapy", says Valentin. "I’ll sculpt a mold of the shape of her face, hairline and sideburns so that I can create a prosthesis that is absolutely perfect", he says. While hair quality, color and labor ( it takes weeks to finish a prosthetic) all vary, one of Rodolfo’s masterpieces can run up to $ 4,000. Hair Infusion, which can include up to seven different colors to give you stunning highlights, will cost about $ 2,800 plus another $ 150 for maintenance every few months. Fortunately, that’s not your problem anymore. Bari Cener, formerly editor of In Style magazine lives in Merrick with her husband and daughter.

My new best friend:

The week after Britney Spears ended up with no hair, I ended up with twice as much. At Rodolfo Valentin’s salon in New York I have been treated to his famous “hair infusions.” They are an advanced form of hair extensions that don’t damage your hair but still make you look like a Desperate Housewife (which of course is my mainai in life). As you walk into the salon there is a big poster which reads: Come in with the hair you’ve got, leave with the hair you want.”I had had a particularly dreadful haircut (at Harvey Nichols can you believe it?) and every time I looked in the mirror my hair made me alternately depressed, at how limp it looked, and furious at how much money it cost. Anyway Rodolfo sorted me out. I walked out of his salon feeling like a million dollars.

Even my husband (who normally hates all this sort of thing) concedes I am now more fun to be with and look better. How often have you been to a hairdresser’s and had access to your emails? Well, New York is ideal if you’re an e-mail addict (see below blog). Here I am writing this blog from the comfort of my seat in the exclusive Rodolfo Valentin salon on Madison Avenue while Meyer is seeing to my roots from Colombia. Rodolfo, the great man himself, has promised me some of his famous hair infusions as a welcome present. “I am not responsible for any sexual abuse,” he tells me very seriously in his husky Argentinean accent. “If they grab you in the street afterwards, it’s your problem.”Helena Frith Powell- Editor of the Sunday’s Times – London UK.

A great hair accessory!:

Hairpieces were never in my mind until Rodolfo Valentin tried on a gorgeous ponytail that was matching my hair color and texture. I could not refuse to buy it! And now, I cannot live without it, it is my best accessory when I am in a hurry. I just attach it and I am ready to go!Marilu Adamar, beauty editor for the press worldwide

Hair prosthesis best in New York:

I was desperate about losing my hair after the chemo treatments. The mother of my friend Lucy told me about her experience and that she too found it to be very shocking losing her hair, but in her suffering she was very lucky to meet Rodolfo Valentin, who she calls “the angel”. He gave her back her sense of self-esteem lost during her agony of losing her attractive hair. I rushed to see Rodolfo, and he is really an artist, and his expressions of love and concern for people in our circumstances is rewarding. He is also one of the best hairdressers in New York City, and one of the best hair colorists (there was a lot of people having their hair color done)…He offered me a loaner until my custom made was done and after few weeks he delivered to me a beautiful hair prosthesis designed to perfection.

When I came to pick up the hairpiece his salon was full of people, but he didn’t mind to make others wait, he told me that “in this moment you are more important for me”… I asked to Rodolfo why he is so particularly gentle and caring with people in our situation, and his answer with tears in his eyes was “because Sofia my mother, also was in your situation, and she was the most important person in my life!”…I could not hold my tears either! Rodolfo you got me as your client for the rest of your life. I cannot wait to have my hair back and have the excuse to see you more often! God bless you!A caring New York customer

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