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Hair Fillers

While most people ask what are hair fillers? The answer to this question is pretty simple. Hair fillers are more of custom designed, had made pieces of hair which are built to cover bald areas specifically along different areas of the scalp. They are also recognized as small hair pieces that come in such sizes so that they can cover various balding spots or thinning areas to add volume and fullness to various sections of your scalp. Rodolfo Valentin has international recognition indesigning fillers for hair which come in various forms so that irregular hair can be soothed out and evened to add fullness to various hair spots and have an existing period of over four years.




A mold is used to fit the hair fillers in the required spot cleanly and perfectly so that amazing results be derived out of the procedure. A scalp like foundation is created through a mold which makes setting the hair easier. Then the hair strings are attached by double knotting through the French technique. By this the life of these hair fillers is extended and also the natural appearance is secured. Our products are second to none. Human hair fillers are done with the best materials available and we particularly keep in mind that the actual hair color and texture of the recipient is merged well so that they look even.The harmonization should be so well built that the final outcome should appear absolutely natural.




Hair fillers that come in small hair pieces usually have a very long life if they are subjected to proper care. The color and texture of hair fillers can be consecutively changed as per the recipients need. Small hair pieces for women are the most wanted in terms of hair fillers as women wish to add volume and thickness of their hair through this. These propositions may be costly but they are exclusively recommended from Rodolfo Valentin Salons available in New York City, New York, NYC and Long Island NY, near the entirely tri state area.






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