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Trichotillomania also known as the hair pulling disorder as per news segments in "Herald" have been one of those troubles that have been taken care of by the expert of hair loss Rodolfo Valentin who has been offering services in hair solutions for the past many decades. Rodolfo Valentin has solutions for Trichotillomania Hair Pulling disorder victims who cannot avail the cure for this problem from anywhere else. Hair loss, pulling of hair and recovery solutions of Rodolfo Valentin are available across all salons of NYC, NY, New York City,Manhattan, and Long Island NY close to Queens, Brooklyn, NJ, CT, and Philadelphia.If you are pulling out your hair compulsively then that is not actually possible. As per researches conducted by Rodolfo Valentin the expert of hair loss, the scalp has various segments which eventually loose hair when the urge of pulling them out because of Trichotillomania comes in. "Trichotillomania" was named by Dr. Hallepeau a French dermatologist who coined the term in1889.

This habit starts with the urge which eventually boils down to a relief after the hair is pulled out.Rodolfo Valentin in 1984 came up with solutions for trichotillomania hair and treatments for the victims that are usually referred by Dermatologists and Psychiatrics around the country as the best form of hair replacement to minimize the urge of hair pulling and also replace the hair that have been pulled out. Rodolfo Valentin trichotillomania products are available at Rodolfo Valentin Salon and the Hair Boutique located in Manhattan, New York City, New York, and NYC and in the Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY, close to the entire tri-state area including Westchester, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, NJ, CT and Philadelphia.



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