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Chemotherapy and also the reasons associated to this treatment are the basic causes behind chemotherapy hair loss. It can be very disturbing to think that you will loose your hair because of chemotherapy. Appearance is a very intricate part and good appearance comes as a part of your personality that is imbibed with positive ness and perfect attitude. At Rodolfo Valentin chemo hair loss products are easily available and we are the very first to deal in chemotherapy hair loss replacement wigs and also the winner of "Grand Design Award" for the best of our services which can help wipe out the effects of chemotherapy on your hair. Rodolfo Valentin’s chemo hair loss products are famous worldwide and we have both handmade and custom made items for hair solutions. In fact we are so far reaching that our delicate products are manufactured at our end and are sent out to salons all across the country and also to many other parts of the world.


Chemotherapy hair loss is a term that defines the loss of hair after the medical procedure.This experience can vary from being temporary or permanent. This adjustment as per knowledge and experience is not an easy process but the experts at Rodolfo Valentin have the knowledge to get back your hair after the treatment is done. Our chemo hair loss products can help you have your beautiful hair back after the lengthy treatment and have been recognized to have helped a lot many chemotherapy patients. Expert knowledge is essential for every person who is facing this treatment. Experts know that most chemo products are custom made and are fixed as per the shape and size of the head bones. Not only must the hair be matching in texture but they should also be anti slippage and should have a mesh like base that contours over the skull. Rodolfo Valentin chemotherapy hair loss items and chemo hair loss products are available in the entire tri-state area of the Northeast including Manhattan, New York City, New York, NY and Long Island NY salons close to Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Staten Island, CT, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, or also they can be ordered through your favorite hair stylist in your town.




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