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Infusion hair

Hair Infusion Extensions is the latest and exclusive registered trademark hair extensions technique of Rodolfo Valentin. As seeing in the hair infusions pictures, Hair Infusion Extensions is a gently technique to increase hair volume, hair length or both with minimal tension on the existing hair. Hair Infusion extensions causes no damage to the natural hair and as a result of its safety it is the favorite of the medical world that recommend them to avoid induced hair loss by traction. Hair Infusion extensions requires minimal maintenance and it is the best beauty tool available to feel great, looks gorgeous and be happy. In addition hair infusion prices is very convenience since it is reusable product.




Hair Infusion extensions have completely changed the concept of hair extensions.These flat, thin pieces of hair are infused into the natural hair of the recipient without using heat as most of other hair extensions do, avoiding to burn or melt the person’s natural hair with the foreign one. They are invisible to the eye and almost undetectable to the touch.






Life span of the hair infusion extensions is similar to the other hair extensions but the same strands of hair can be reused thus less maintenance than the other extensions that most of the time are lost with the use and when the wearer is due to remove them for several reasons including when the hair extension start to get lose the purchase of a new set is necessary. It is not the case of the famous hair infusion extensions, these are the only re-usable extensions available in the market.





Hair infusion New York and Long Island NY are the salons of Rodolfo Valentin to have this exclusive extension of hair close the areas of Manhattan, New York City, New York,NYC , Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Staten Island, NJ, CT, Philadelphia







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