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Fusion hair

Fusion hair was the name of the first hair extension technique designed by Rodolfo Valentin, winner of the Grand design award back in the eighties. Today thanks to the new tools available, the fusion hair has been enhanced and highly improved and developed into what is today known as the “hair infusion extensions”, the safest and best hair extension technique in the world.Presently, “fusion hair” stands for the name of the fusion hair piece that is “fusioned”together with the hair infusion extensions in people suffering hair loss as women’s hair loss, thinning hair including men hair loss for the best hair loss replacement product combination.


Hair Infusion extensions and the fusion hair piece creates a hair fusion that work perfectly as one for a total hair fusion of the tree components, the hair infusion, fusion hair and the own natural hair if available, the result is amazing as reported from thousands of exceptionally pleased customers free of being slaves of wigs as the only product available for them before until this unique design of hair loss replacement expert Rodolfo Valentin, and the fact of enjoying of having the feeling like it is their "own hair" that this phenomenon delivers, only available from the golden hands of its creator in the Rodolfo Valentin salons in New York City, New York, NYC, in the privacy of the "Hair Boutique" rooms in Manhattan, near Connecticut, CT, New Jersey, NJ, also Philadelphia, PA and in the award winner Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY, close to Queens, Brooklyn and surroundings.


Patrons that can be highly beneficiated by using the “hair infusion extensions – fusion hair” combination are customers suffering from partial or total hair loss, thinning hair, women’s hair loss and men hair loss. This New Era hair product blend offers total comfort and freedom while preserving the safety of the hair left and economically affordable for its reusable feature for both products.





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