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Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are known to be one of the most diverse forms of hair accessories currently on the market. European Hair extensions are available in the best European human hair at the European Hair Salon in Long Island NY. These accessories offer both volume and length to women with thinning or little to almost no hair. Although synthetic hair is the more inexpensive option, one would compromise the quality of their extensions. Synthetic hair requires careful maintenance as they burn & tangle very easily eventually wearing the hair over time, reason why, European Hair Salon in Long Island is not offering this kind of extension. They are focused only in to work with European hair to achieve best European hair extensions.

The stylists at the European Hair Salon prefer to use European human hair extensions as opposed to synthetic because of its versatility. Human hair can be washed, blow dried, styled, colored and even processed. Clients can purchase already colored or virgin(never colored) hair offering them the option of performing various color applications, undergoing texture-altering treatments, as well as have the capability to style their hair in whichever way they desire. Human hair extensions can be found in various lengths, up to 24”, which are the most rarest and expensive of the lengths. Many women shy away from the initial prices of human hair extensions however, because of their durability and versatility over time, human hair proves to be the most cost conscious and manageable choice available.

European hair extensions are classified by length, natural color, and ethnic textures, hair used for extensions can be found all around the world, offering the utmost variety in hair accessorizing. For more information about European Hair salon in Long Island NY please visit: European Hair Extensions.

HAIR ON PIECES is the world’s best hair extensions salon as seen in the world’s best hair extensions review. It is worldwide recognized as the best hair extensions NY, hair extensions Long Island NY, and the best hair extensions NJ. It is also known for the best hair extensions for fine hair, and best hair extensions for short hair.
Our unique hair extensions offer maximum safety due to which there are thousands of happy customers around the world. All the Celebrities, royalty, socialites and executive women enjoys and benefits with the high quality of hair extensions designed by the celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin himself, who has also been the winner of the “Grand design award” at HAIR ON PIECES. They can enjoy the services at HAIR ON PIECES’s NYC salon and HAIR ON PIECES Long Island Beauty Center or in the privacy of HAIR ON PIECES’s Hair Boutique. All these boutiques are located at short distances from any town located in the tri state including Manhattan, New York, NYC,NY, Queens, Long Island NY, Westchester, Brooklyn, CT, NJ, and also Philadelphia, PA.



HAIR ON PIECES’s trademarked hair extensions are exclusively available at the HAIR ON PIECES salons only, which is applied by our extensions artisans who have been working with over 25 years of expertise, headed by the designer of the very first hair extensions method available in the industry back in 1984, Rodolfo Valentin himself. While other hair extensions salons can be unsafe for the customers, HAIR ON PIECES’s salons are a chain of salons which puts forth the care of his customer’s natural hair. Our hair extension salons and hair extensions products are internationally recognized by the medical world as the safest.



Besides the fact that our hair extension techniques are the safest, our products are also suitable for women with hair loss, thinning hair and for all other concerns about increasing the hair volume, and length and color with safety. “In the world of hair extensions, Mr. Rodolfo Valentin is haute couture” stated the prestigious newspaper ‘New York Times’. Visit our extensions, before and after pictures and videos, or pay us a visit at any of our hair extensions salons in New York City, New York, NYC or Long Island NY, conveniently located near the surrounding villages as Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, New Jersey Connecticut, and most towns of the rest of New York State, CT and PA.



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