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Hair Falls

In contemporary society the demand for falls for hair are becoming more and more as modern day women prefer to change their hair style every now and then with a classic daytime look to a glamorous one in the evening.Wigs, the most widely used human hair falls are able to cover the entire human head and can almost stay over the head like a cap as it has mini combs and clamps which make the wig or the hair falls firmly seated with the hair line. Human hair falls are also helpful for those who are suffering from a problem of their hair getting thin, as they can add that particular type of hair falls to the portion where the hair is thinning. This type of hair falls is known as spot hair fall.Falls of hair can be made into any sizes depending upon the cranial size or the size of the part which is needed to be covered on the head. The three kinds of hair falls are 3/4 hair fall,1/2 human hair falls and last but not the least spot falls.


Customers can add length to their own hair or increase their hair’s volume or can even change their own hair style with the help of these human hair falls which are of top quality as they are made up of 100% human hair which in turn helps to produce the best hair falls product.Hair falls produced by Rodolfo Valentin’s salons are handmade and custom made and it is situated in the heart of Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, New York, NYC, in the intimacy of the "Hair Boutique" or in the Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY. Rodolfo Valentin’s hair falls produces the best quality hair falls in the market, and the main reason being this that they use the best quality of unprocessed human hair to make their hair falls which in turn is capable of sustaining changes texture, that is curly to straight or the other way round and changes in color like dark to light or light to dark and so on. This is one of the most distinguishing feature of RV hair falls as other hair falls are only capable of getting darker not lighter and the reason being that most hair falls producing companies produce hair which are non rimy human hair and are chemically processed.



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