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Banana clips

Rodolfo Valentine is known for its custom made Banana hair clips that are a part of the industry since 1985. Banana clip was introduced for the very first time in the Long Island salon. Banana clips for hair are a good tool for maintaining that appeal when it comes to particularly sports players. This is because banana clip hair pieces are a quick and easy way of holding the hair neatly and that too with elegance. The position of the application of the hair banana clips is the actual base for banana clip hair styles which may be at the side or in the higher crown area or the lower back spot.These clips are worn by woman through the entire day and under various activities.Banana clips designed by our salons are absolutely outstanding as Rodolfo Valentine has been honored by grand design award for various hair solutions including the provision of hair textures which are both custom made and ready made.


Small banana hair clips and also large banana hair clips are made at our end with the best human hair and that too in different lengths and colors.Now if you are quizzed as to how to use banana hair clips then these clips are absolutely easy to use and are trouble free in terms of application. By simply pulling the hair in the kind of position the wearer wants to this clip is worn around the hair. This can henceforth provide a neat look of well tied hair or even add a touch of glamour to the entire dress up. We at Rodolfo Valentine customize these clips depending on our customer preferences, running from brilliant colors, basic black, white or turquoise shell up to some with rhinestones. For more information on prices and types visit any of the Rodolfo Valentine salons at New York City, New York, NYC and Long Island NY, near most towns of the tri state area.

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