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Rodolfo Valentin (who was spotted by the famous hairdresser – Alexandre de Paris) always had a knack for learning, researching and digging into all possible information related with hair dressing. His passion led him to travel in search for apex trends which blossomed in Europe – of whose creative and scintillating designs and customs Rodolfo had long heard of. And so he began his quest for gaining knowledge and expertise of only the best of all techniques available. After a long research and further knowledge which could enhance his expertise and experience, Rodolfo finally launched his own Rodolfo Vanentin Salon – this salon dedicated itself to offer the best and utmost quality services for its clientele. The New York Times has termed Rodolfo as the ‘surgeon of hair’. He is also a winner of the Grand Design Award, and undoubtedly is an artist of transformation! Rodolfo’s first salon was to be strategically located, and for this, there had to be a long process in search for the perfect location – after completing the scrutiny for the same, finally, the first salon was the Long Island Beauty Center, eminently located at Cedarhurst in Long Island.

The entry inside the salon is in itself an experience – three floors with pure Roman inspired architecture and a very accomplished staff which is under his guidance, and always available for dedicated services as desired by the customersNamed Top 10 Salons in the world, the salon believes that individual attention is foremost and because of this the salon is fully loaded with various massage rooms, water jet massage, whirlpool, as well as a team of specialists catering to the customers – including a team of nail and hair specialists. The design – physical or services – is such that it has been made keeping in mind the ‘true salon ideology’ of Rodolfo. So if you are a Rodolfo Valentin hair infusion fan or a Rodolfo Valentin hair extensions or a Rodolfo Valentin wigs fan, and still crave for more services, you don’t have to worry because Rodolfo Valentin salon offers all this and much more, and has expanded so that the salon is nearer to you.



So, while Rodolfo Valentin Long Island Beauty Center still remains a classic, the other salons are completely at par, and successfully strive to offer the best of techniques.And this is exactly the reason why Rodolfo and his salons are a winner multiple awards and recognitions, such as Designer of the worldwide famous "Real hair accessories" collection, Trademark Ownership of the "Hair Infusion Extensions" – recognized as the safest technique..Further, Rodolfo expanded his vision to Manhattan, New York with the opening of The New York Salon & Spa (located in the heart of NYC) – designed for the classic New Yorker, with the same enthusiasm and great quality of work as in the Rodolfo Valentin Long Island. So, now at the Rodolfo Valentin Salon NYC, the New Yorker can also pride himself or herself with all the individual attention and glamorous services and pampering of the nails, hair, and other aesthetic services at the beautifully designed, appealing architecture – experienced and expert as an instant beauty center and a makeover spot. Also, it is the Winner of the "Top hair colorists NYC" award.

Rodolfo believes in efficiently educating his staff with his expertise and years of acquired knowledge, skills, experience and research; and further continues to expand his brand name and business offerings in wigs (in fact, Rodolfo is the sole Designer of the first hair wigs for cancer patients), hairpieces, extensions, and essential beauty services. His hard work has also leaded him to open Rodolfo Valentin Hair Boutique. With these three establishments strategically located to give you the same feel and the unified one look, Rodolfo Valentin’s Hair Salons and Spas both in Long Island and New York, and Hair Boutique guarantee the best of services backed by bundle of experiences and unique expertise. So once you walk in, don’t worry about the Rodolfo Valentin prices or services or your hair etc. You will know there is nothing like Rodolfo. Like he says – "Come with the hair you have and leave with the hair you have always wanted"

  • Designer of the first hair wigs for cancer patients
  • Winner of the Grand Design Award
  • Designer of the worldwide famous " Real hair accessories" collection
  • Winner of the "Top hair colorists NYC" award
  • Named "Top 10 salons in the world"
  • Trademark owner of the "Hair Infusion Extensions", recognized as the safest technique.



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